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  1. 2024 Fundamentals of Municipal Finance Credential

    Mayo 13, 2024

    This four-day professional credential program provides a thorough foundation in municipal finance with a focus on urban planning and economic development in the United States.

  2. Q&A: Fellows in Focus

    Revista Land Lines
    Marzo 2024
    By Jon Gorey, March 15, 2024

    Lincoln Institute fellows discuss their recent work, their research interests, and the things that keep them up at night

  3. How Homestead Exemptions Can Counteract Regressivity in Property Tax Assessments

    Documentos de trabajo
    Marzo 2024
    Ron Rakow, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy

    Evidence presented in several recent academic studies using national datasets indicates widespread regressivity in property tax assessments. This can be due to statutory limits on assessment levels...

  4. 2024 Urban Economics and Public Finance Conference

    Abril 19, 2024
    Abby Ostriker, Anna Russo, C. Luke Watson, Nathan Seegert, Mark Skidmore, Camila Alvayay-Torrejon, Erin Troland, and Brent Ambrose

    The economic growth and development of urban areas are closely linked to local fiscal conditions. This research seminar offers a forum for new academic work on the interaction of these two areas.

  5. Máster en Políticas de Suelo y Desarrollo Urbano Sostenible

    Enero 15, 2024

    El máster en Políticas de Suelo y Desarrollo Urbano Sostenible es un programa académico online en español que reúne de manera única los marcos legales y herramientas que sostienen la planificación urbana.

  6. New England Workshop for State Property Tax Oversight

    Marzo 25, 2024

    This meeting provides an opportunity for participants to consider the best means of assisting, training, regulating, and providing technical assistance to local assessors in collaboration with professional assessment organizations.

  7. New Tool Measures Vertical Equity in Property Tax Assessments

    Revista Land Lines
    Diciembre 2023
    By Jon Gorey, December 15, 2023

    The online tool provides a free resource for evaluating and interpreting assessment equity in several ways

  8. Fellows in Focus: Designing a New Approach to Property Tax Appraisals

    Revista Land Lines
    Noviembre 2023
    By Jon Gorey, November 28, 2023

    Research scientist Paul Bidanset is committed to democratizing and modernizing property appraisal tools

  9. 2024 Lincoln Institute Scholars Program

    Oportunidades de becas
    Enero 2024

    The Lincoln Institute Scholars Program provides an opportunity for recent PhDs (one to two years post-graduate) specializing in public finance or urban economics to work with senior academics. Applications are due March 8, 2024, by 11:59 p.m. (EDT).

  10. 2024 C. Lowell Harriss Dissertation Fellowship Program

    Oportunidades de becas de posgrado
    Enero 2024

    The Lincoln Institute’s C. Lowell Harriss Dissertation Fellowship Program assists PhD students whose research complements the institute’s interest in property valuation and taxation. Applications are due March 1, 2024, by 6:00 p.m. EST.


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