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  1. Review of Lincoln Institute's new “LVT” book

    The Menace of Privilege
    Agosto 20, 2009
    El Instituto Lincoln en las noticias
  2. Can Land Value Taxes Be Fair? Devil Is in the Details

    Julio 14, 2009
    El Instituto Lincoln en las noticias
  3. Taxing land instead of buildings

    Junio 18, 2009
    El Instituto Lincoln en las noticias
  4. Evidence on the Distributional Effects and Administrative Feasibility of a Land Value Tax

    Who Wins, Who Loses, and Can It Happen?
    Documentos de trabajo
    Junio 2009
    Elizabeth Plummer

    This study examines how replacing a uniform property tax with a land value tax would shift the tax burden. Most empirical studies that examine land value tax focus on the land value tax’s...

  5. How low is low?

    Null Space
    Mayo 22, 2009
    El Instituto Lincoln en las noticias
  6. Taxing land can increase density, but implementation difficult, Lincoln Institute scholars say

    Comunicados de prensa
    Mayo 22, 2009
  7. A look at the land value tax

    Entradas de blog
    Mayo 2009
  8. Property Tax Circuit Breakers

    Fair and Cost-Effective Relief for Taxpayers
    Enfoques en políticas de suelo
    Mayo 2009
    John H. Bowman, Daphne A. Kenyon, Adam Langley and Bethany P. Paquin

    Property tax circuit breakers can be used to increase tax equity by reducing the most onerous property tax burdens as measured in relation to income. This is particularly important for households at...

  9. Land Value Taxation

    Theory, Evidence, and Practice
    Mayo 2009

    In his 1879 classic, Progress and Poverty, Henry George proposed a tax on land values to reduce social inequality, discourage real estate speculation, and promote economic development. As an...

  10. Erosion of the Property Tax Base

    Trends, Causes, and Consequences
    Mayo 2009
    Edited by Nancy Y. Augustine, Michael E. Bell, David Brunori, and Joan M. Youngman

    Increased reliance on residential property to generate tax revenue and soaring property values in many parts of the country have placed pressure on local officials to respond to concerns about higher...


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