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  1. Climate Change and Land Policies

    Mayo 2011
    Edited by Gregory K. Ingram and Yu-Hung Hong

    Developing policies that will keep climate change in check has become a global priority, as increasing greenhouse gas emissions contribute to extreme weather patterns. If these emissions remain...

  2. The Impact of Large Landowners on Land Markets

    Agosto 2009
    Edited by Raphael W. Bostic

    The chapters in this volume examine the effect large landowners or institutions have on local land markets and the tensions that can arise between public and private interests. In the United States...

  3. Land Lines, November 1998

    Revista Land Lines
    Noviembre 1998
    Edited by Ann LeRoyer

    This issue looks at comparative policy perspectives on market reform and management of urban land; the public land management framework of Brazil’s capital; and ideas on the importance and...

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