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  1. Land and the City

    Enero 2016
    Edited by George W. McCarthy, Gregory K. Ingram, and Samuel A. Moody

    This book from the Lincoln Institute's 2014 Land Policy Conference examines issues of land use policies and their impact on sustainable urbanization. By 1960, one-third of the world’s...

  2. Zoning Rules!

    The Economics of Land Use Regulation
    Julio 2015

    “Everyone who cares about American cities and metropolitan areas—and the laws that shape their development—should read this excellent book. The fact that Fischel conveys his...

  3. Climate Change and Land Policies

    Mayo 2011
    Edited by Gregory K. Ingram and Yu-Hung Hong

    Developing policies that will keep climate change in check has become a global priority, as increasing greenhouse gas emissions contribute to extreme weather patterns. If these emissions remain...

  4. 2019 C. Lowell Harriss Dissertation Fellowship Program

    Graduate Student Fellowship
    Oportunidades de becas de posgrado
    Enero 2019

    The C. Lowell Harriss Dissertation Fellowship Program assists Ph.D. students, primarily at U.S. universities, whose research complements the Lincoln Institute's interests in land and tax policy.

  5. Opportunities and Limits for the Evolution of Property Rights Institutions

    Noviembre 2011
    Thráinn Eggertsson

    In this paper, Thráinn Eggertsson examines how assumptions based on national politics and hard-to-obtain and limited data yield valuable tools for exploring the logic of institutional changes to...

  6. Gold Rush Legacy

    American Minerals and the Knowledge Economy
    Noviembre 2011
    Karen Clay and Gavin Wright

    In this paper, Karen Clay and Gavin Wright argue that the gold-mining camps of California had a more complex governance structure than economic historians have supposed. In some respects, the mining...

  7. Property Creation by Regulation

    Rights to Clean Air and Rights to Pollute
    Noviembre 2011
    Daniel H. Cole

    In this paper, Daniel H. Cole argues that, contrary to both the suppositions of some legal scholars and the theoretical underpinnings of regulatory takings doctrine, government regulations not only...

  8. The Evolution of Zoning Since the 1980s

    The Persistence of Localism
    Noviembre 2011

    This paper, by William A. Fischel, examines three broad themes in the evolution of zoning. The first theme is the persistence of localism in zoning despite numerous top down attempts to reform zoning...

  9. Psychological Entitlement, Reference Levels, and Valuation Disparities

    The Case of Native American Land Ownership
    Noviembre 2011
    C. Leigh Anderson and Richard O. Zerbe

    In this paper, C. Leigh Anderson and Richard O. Zerbe examine psychological aspects of property rights in the context of Native American land ownership. Specifically, they posit that a relevant...

  10. Playing by Different Rules?

    Property Rights in Land and Water
    Noviembre 2011
    Richard A. Epstein

    In this paper, Richard A. Epstein examines the similarities and differences between the law of land and water in both private and constitutional law. He notes that the nature of the two resources...


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