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  1. Case Study: Post-Disaster Recovery of Public Housing in Galveston, Texas

    An Opportunity for Whom?
    Octubre 2019
    Jane Rongerude and Sara Hamideh

    This case study highlights post-disaster challenges and opportunities, encouraging readers to ask who benefits from recovery efforts and who bears the costs.

  2. Case Study: Informal Settlements and Rights in Conflict

    An Inquiry Case of Guryong Village Land Development in Seoul, South Korea
    Octubre 2018
    Jongwoong Kim

    This inquiry case focuses on the complicated decision-making process of urban development in Seoul, South Korea. How can a controversial slum development project be best planned?

  3. Case Study: Rheingold Brewery Redevelopment in Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York

    Octubre 2019
    Barry Hersh

    This case study describes the key elements of Rheingold Brewery redevelopment in Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York.

  4. Case Study: Fighting FEMA

    Urban Informality and Disaster Response in Rio Grande Valley Colonias
    Octubre 2019
    Danielle Zoe Rivera

    This case study examines the legal case LUPE, et al. v. FEMA, B:08-cv-487 [2008], which discusses the issue of informal housing repairs in post-disaster situations.

  5. Case Study: Law and the Urban Environment

    Using the Law to Resolve Conflicts Over Land
    Octubre 2018
    Thomas Coggin

    This case study considers conflicts over urban land, a problem prevalent in many densely settled environments today, and advocates for the use of the law as a way to balance competing interests.

  6. Case Study: It Takes an International Village

    How Two West Side Neighborhoods in Cleveland Transitioned from Vacancy and Foreclosure to Housing Rehabilitation and Refugee Resettlement
    Octubre 2018
    Devin Day

    The International Village case uniquely presents refugee resettlement as a response to Rust Belt vacancy issues and thus warrants further inquiry.

  7. Case Study: Home Buyouts in New York State

    Strategies for Maximizing Homeowner Participation
    Octubre 2018
    Pooya Ghorbani

    This case study discusses the structure of the buyout program in New York State after Superstorm Sandy.

  8. Why Pioneering Health Institutions Are Investing Upstream to Improve Community Health

    Junio 2020
    Center for Community Investment
  9. Affordable Housing Mediation

    Building Consensus for Regional Agreements in the Hartford and Greater Bridgeport Areas
    Mayo 1990
    Lawrence E. Susskind and Susan L. Podziba

    This report presents two case studies and a handbook on the process of overcoming political obstacles to build a consensus for affordable housing. In spite of greater public awareness about the need...

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