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  1. President’s Message

    2030 Is Coming Soon—Let’s Get to Work
    Revista Land Lines
    Enero 2022
    By George W. McCarthy , January 18, 2022

    As the world seeks climate solutions, global leaders are making ambitious commitments, including protecting 30 percent of the planet's land and water by 2030. The Center for Geospatial Solutions has developed a geospatially driven framework for accelerati

  2. Videos del Centro Babbitt para Políticas de Suelo y Agua

    Videos y multimedia
    Abril 2022

    The Babbitt Center for Land and Water Policy is working to secure our water future. View our videos to learn more about our approach toward solving water management and land use integration challenges.

  3. Global Conference Highlights Land Conservation Solutions in the Face of Urgent Challenges

    Revista Land Lines
    Enero 2022
    By Katharine Wroth, Will Jason, January 10, 2022.

    In the wake of major global agreements to protect biodiversity and address climate change, hundreds of leaders and practitioners gathered virtually for one of the world’s most significant international conferences on private and civic land conservation. 

  4. Environmental Concerns in Urban Land Policies

    Educación a distancia
    Mayo 7, 2016

    This course, offered in Spanish, aims to discuss the impact that new urban environmental sustainability initiatives could have on urban land policies.

  5. 2022 Evaluating Tools for Integrating Land Use and Water Management

    A Request for Proposals from the Babbitt Center for Land and Water Policy
    Solicitud de propuestas
    Abril 2022
  6. Nature and Cities: The Ecological Imperative in Urban Design and Planning

    Comunicados de prensa
    Noviembre 21, 2016
  7. Environment, Climate Change, and Land Policy

    Educación a distancia
    Agosto 27, 2016
    Faculty: José María Ciampagna, Leidy Jiménez Dalorzo, Marielos Arlen Marín, Safira de la Sala

    The objective of this course, offered in Spanish, is to help students understand the interaction between the environment, climate change, sustainable development and land policies within the context of Latin America.

  8. Minnesota conservation leader named Kingsbury Browne Fellow

    Comunicados de prensa
    Octubre 29, 2016
  9. Report Makes Case for Managed Retreat from Flood Zones

    Comunicados de prensa
    Septiembre 21, 2016
  10. Land Matters Podcast: Elizabeth Kolbert Explains How a Toad Might Guide a Better Climate Future

    Revista Land Lines
    Diciembre 2021
    By Anthony Flint, December 21, 2021

    The cane toad, introduced in Australia in the 1930s to control pests, quickly became a major problem itself – one of many examples of human interventions in natural systems that scientists should keep in mind while trying to tackle the climate crisis, say


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