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  1. Community Resilience Through Small Scale Manufacturing

    Mayo 3, 2023
    Moderator: Sarah Yeung, Principal, Sojourner Consulting
    Speakers: Derek Santos, Executive Director, New Bedford Economic Development Council, Lars Kuehnow, Program Officer LISC, Duluth, Misty E. Beasley, Regional Director MBAC, Akron Urban League, and Audra Ladd, Co-Director, Urban Manufacturing Alliance 

    Cohosted with the Urban Manufacturing Alliance, this webinar will offer a practical introduction to small-scale manufacturing as part of a strategy for inclusive community economic development.

  2. A Bid for Affordability: Notes from an Ambitious Housing Experiment in Cincinnati

    Revista Land Lines
    Diciembre 2022
    By Loren Berlin, December 23, 2022

    Institutional investors have been scooping up real estate in Cincinnati, then raising the rent for increasingly neglected properties. So the metro area’s economic development agency stepped in...

  3. Infrastructure Policy Perspectives

    Documentos de trabajo
    Diciembre 2022
    José Gómez-Ibáñez and Zhi Liu

    The Lincoln Institute of land Policy published an edited book “Infrastructure Economics and Policy: International Perspectives” in early 2022. This paper summarizes the key messages of...

  4. Land Matters Podcast: Confronting Extreme Heat in Africa: A Conversation with the Mayor of Freetown, Sierra Leone

    Revista Land Lines
    Diciembre 2022
    By Anthony Flint, December 12, 2022

    The mayor of Freetown, Sierra Leone, Yvonne Aki-Sawyer, discusses appointing Africa’s first chief heat officer, fighting climate change with land use planning, and overhauling the property tax system to ensure fiscal sustinability.

  5. Private Development Programs for Weak Markets

    Marzo 7, 2023
    Moderator: Robie Suggs, Chief Lending Officer, Cincinnati Development Fund 
    Speakers: Shannon Morgan, Managing Partner, Renovare Development and Brian Potts, Managing Partner, The Ridgewood Group, LLC, Springfield, OH, and Ryan Bates, CEO, Bates Development

    Watch the recording In this second webinar in the series, “Building Equity and Market Strength in Legacy Cities: Context-Driven Equitable Development,” speakers present emerging programs driven by...

  6. Equitable Development Programs for New Construction in Weak Markets

    Febrero 28, 2023
    Moderator:  Beverley Loyd, Managing Director of Lending MI and OH, IFF 
    SpeakersCory Riordan, Executive Director, Tremont West Development Corporation, Matthew Madia, Director of Real Estate Services, Neighborhood Allies (Pittsburgh), and Brian Ogawa, Senior Commercial Real Estate Associate, Port of Greater Cincinnati Development Authority

    Watch the recording This webinar is the first in a two-part series, “Building Equity and Market Strength in Legacy Cities: Context-Driven Equitable Development.” Register separately for the second...

  7. 2021 Professional Certificate in Municipal Finance- Online

    Abril 5, 2021

    Advance your career in urban planning, real estate, and economic development by earning certification in municipal finance

  8. Building Equity

    Equitable Real Estate Development Strategies for Weak Markets
    Documentos de trabajo
    Octubre 2022
    Erica Spaid Patras, Maria Walliser-Wejebe, and Alison Goebel

    Local public, private, philanthropic, and nonprofit changemakers have joined a growing national call to increase equitable outcomes for people of color and low-income residents. The need to improve...

  9. Community Resilience Through Small Scale Manufacturing

    An Introduction for Smaller Legacy Cities
    Documentos de trabajo
    Octubre 2022
    Sarah Yeung

    Smaller legacy cities face shared and common challenges which have increased the urgency for economic development strategies that draw a stronger connection from growth to the prosperity of local...

  10. 2023 Lincoln Institute Scholars Program

    Oportunidades de becas
    Enero 2023


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