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  1. Scenario Planning for Food Systems: Workshops with Food Systems Foresight

    Noviembre 7, 2023
    Speakers: Angela Hansen, Food Systems Foresight and Ryan Handy, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy

    Watch Webinar On November 7, the Consortium for Scenario Planning hosted a free hour-long virtual webinar covering the recent scenario planning workshops run by Food Systems Foresight, a consulting...

  2. Fellows in Focus: Rethinking Stormwater Management in the West

    Revista Land Lines
    Septiembre 2023
    By Jon Gorey, September 13, 2023

    The Lincoln Institute provides a variety of early- and mid-career fellowship opportunities for researchers. In this series, we follow up with our fellows to learn more about their work.

  3. The Effects of Flood Buyouts and Green Infrastructure on Nearby Property Values

    Documentos de trabajo
    Agosto 2023
    Ryun Jung Lee, Wayne Day, Alexander Abuabara, Galen Newman, and Walter Peacock

    Property buyouts have been widely implemented as a hazard mitigation strategy to relocate residents to a safer location and reduce potential flood damages. Green infrastructure is an established...

  4. Scenario Planning for Urban Futures

    Mayo 17, 2023

    Creating Resilient and Sustainable Communities with Scenario Planning

  5. Developing a Quantitative Spatial Economic Model to Evaluate Urban Water Conservation Policies in Denver

    Documentos de trabajo
    Abril 2023
    Juan Carlos G. Lopez

    This paper develops a quantitative spatial model for the city of Denver to consider policy proposals to reduce urban water demand using data on land use and water demand by households and business...

  6. 2023 Journalists Forum

    Noviembre 17, 2023
    Partners: TD Charitable Foundation and Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University

    The Lincoln Institute of Land Policy invited journalists to attend the 2023 Journalists Forum focused on housing affordability on November 17–18, 2023 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

  7. Land Policy and Green Gentrification 

    Conferencias Lincoln
    Octubre 31, 2023
    Speaker: Isabelle Anguelovski, ICREA Research Professor, Autonomous University of Barcelona

    Everyone has an opinion about gentrification — but what is green gentrification? And why should we care? Isabelle Anguelovski, ICREA Research Professor at the Autonomous University of Barcelona,...

  8. City Tech: Tree-Watering Apps for the Urban Forest

    Revista Land Lines
    Agosto 2023
    By Rob Walker, August 15, 2023

    New York, Berlin and other major cities have launched apps to help residents care for the urban canopy

  9. Exploring How Land-Based Approaches to Climate Change Adaptation Intersect with Property Values and Municipal Finance

    Revista Land Lines
    Agosto 2023

    The commissioned research papers offer findings that can inform public policy and practice across a diverse set of topics, including climate-informed zoning, land value capture, green infrastructure, and more.

  10. Land Matters Podcast: Summer of Smoke and Swelter

    The Science Behind Climate-Induced Wildfires
    Revista Land Lines
    Agosto 2023
    By Anthony Flint, August 3, 2023

    Record-breaking heat, out-of-control wildfires, and eye-stinging smoke have made the impacts of climate change inescapable for millions of people this summer. Heat, drought, high winds, and...


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