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  1. An Empirical Analysis of the Incidence of Location on Land and Building Values

    Documentos de trabajo
    Mayo 2002
    Robert J. Gloudemans

    Although it is universally acknowledged that property values are first and foremost a function of location, the extent to which location affects land versus building values has not been empirically...

  2. Property Taxes in South Africa

    Challenges in the Post-Apartheid Era
    Marzo 2002
    Edited by Michael E. Bell and John H. Bowman

    Editors Michael E. Bell and John H. Bowman have assembled the first comprehensive overview of the challenges of adapting property taxation to the many changes brought about by the end of apartheid in...

  3. Identifying the Real Costs and Benefits of Sports Facilities

    Documentos de trabajo
    Diciembre 2002
    Tim Chapin

    While public spending on sports facilities has been staggering, this economic development strategy is rife with inadequate information on major issues relating to these projects. Decision makers...

  4. Widening the Net

    Extending the Property Tax into Previously Untaxed Areas of South Africa
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    Diciembre 2002

    In South Africa, during apartheid, blacks were typically not permitted private ownership of real property, a distinction that is especially important for consideration of the post-apartheid property...

  5. A Study of European Land Tax Systems

    Second Year Report
    Documentos de trabajo
    Septiembre 2002
    P. K. Brown and M. A. Hepworth

    The research seeks to examine the nature, scope and implementation of property taxation systems in Europe. The paper builds upon research carried out in 1999–2000 by the authors (under the...


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