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  1. Jivan Sobrinho-Wheeler

    Miembro de personal

    Jivan’s work focuses on land and conservation policy and the power of conservation networks at both regional and international scales. Through his work with the International Land Conservation...

  2. Olivia Neubert

    Miembro de personal

    Olivia Neubert is the Center’s Program Assistant. Olivia is a recent graduate of Dickinson College, where she majored in International Studies and completed a senior thesis entitled National Parks in...

  3. Maya Oaks

    Miembro de personal

    Maya Oaks is a Center Fellow–Health with the Center for Community Investment. Maya was most recently a Program Associate with the Annie E. Casey Foundation, where she led the planning and execution...

  4. Omar Carrillo Tinajero

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    Omar Carrillo Tinajero is assistant director of programs for Connect Capital at the Center for Community Investment. He previously worked in housing, health, and community development policy in...

  5. Alyia S.P. Gaskins

    Miembro de personal

    Alyia Gaskins is the Assistant Director of Programs/Health for the Center for Community Investment. Prior to joining the Center, she worked as Senior Associate at the National League of Cities (NLC...

  6. Robin Hacke

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    Robin Hacke is executive director of the Center for Community Investment. She brings more than two decades of investment experience to the work, having served as director of capital innovation for...

  7. Shenmin Liu

    Miembro de personal

    Shenmin Liu is a Research Analyst with the Land and Water Conservation Program and China Program at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. She is currently supporting the Institute's efforts in...

  8. Jessie Grogan

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    Jessie joined the Lincoln Institute in July 2016, with a broad portfolio of urban development activities, including work on scenario planning and spatial inequality. Prior to that, she worked as a...

  9. Paula Randolph

    Miembro de personal

    Paula Randolph is responsible for producing content for the Babbitt Center that raises awareness of the critical importance of water sustainability and resilience in the Western United States. She...

  10. Adam H. Langley

    Miembro de personal

    Adam H. Langley is associate director of tax policy at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. His research focuses on state and local public finance, with dozens of publications, primarily on property...


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