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  1. William A. Fischel


    William Fischel is professor of economics and Hardy Professor of Legal Studies at Dartmouth College, New Hampshire. His work focuses on the economic behavior of local government.

  2. William J. McCluskey


    William McCluskey is reader at the School of the Built Environment at the University of Ulster in the United Kingdom. He researches international property tax systems, valuation and assessment, local...

  3. Yan Song


    Yan Song is associate professor in the Department of City and Regional Planning at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Her research interests include urban spatial structure, land use...

  4. Yu-Hung Hong


    In his work at the Land Governance Laboratory, Yu-Hung Hong studies the use of land tools to facilitate open and inclusive decision-making processes for land resource allocation in developing...

  5. Zhi Liu

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    Zhi Liu, a specialist in infrastructure and its financing, is director of the China program at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy and of the Peking University–Lincoln Institute Center for Urban...

  6. Jenna Martin

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    Jenna has been with the Lincoln Institute since 2015. Jenna worked in Programs, advancing the Fiscally Healthy Communities and Regions goal for the past eight years. She recently transitioned to the...

  7. Enrique Silva

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    Enrique R. Silva is Vice President of Programs at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy where he leads the development of the Institute’s overall strategic program by overseeing and coordinating...

  8. Xinrui Shi

    Miembro de personal

    As chief of staff at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, Xinrui serves as the primary point of contact for the President, oversees strategic planning of the Institute, and provides advisory support...

  9. Maureen Clarke

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    Maureen Clarke is chief content officer of the Publications, Communications, Learning Design, and User Experience team. A publishing and communications veteran with three decades of experience, she...

  10. Anthony Flint

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    Anthony Flint is Senior Fellow in Publications, Communications, and Learning Design at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. He is engaged in writing and research on topics including climate change,...


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