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  1. Nike Opejin

    Miembro de personal

    Adenike, who goes by Nike, is a one-year research fellow at the Babbitt Center for Land and Water Policy. Her current work focuses on the future of agriculture in the Colorado River Basin. Nike was...

  2. Ryan Lima

    Miembro de personal

    Ryan is a Program Manager at the Babbitt Center for Land and Water Policy. His primary focus, since joining the staff in 2021, has been on conducting research and aggregating data to develop...

  3. Kristen Keener Busby

    Miembro de personal

    Kristen Keener Busby, AICP, is the Associate Director for Practice and Partnerships with the Babbitt Center for Land and Water Policy. Kristen has 25 years of land use planning and policy experience...

  4. Jennifer L. Sigler

    Miembro de personal

    Jennifer Sigler is an editor and cultural producer who focuses on design and the built environment. She leads and supports the creation of books, exhibitions, events, and multimedia projects as...

  5. Jon Gorey

    Miembro de personal

    Jon Gorey is a staff writer at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, where he connects readers with the Institute’s research and explores how land policy can help solve some of the world’s most...

  6. Stephanie Camp

    Miembro de personal

    Stephanie Camp is a program assistant on the climate strategies team at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, contributing to the Institute’s work on scenario planning, equitable revitalization,...

  7. Emily Wiggans

    Miembro de personal

    Emily Wiggans is a senior analyst supporting the Internet of Water Initiative at the Lincoln Institute’s Center for Geospatial Solutions. Emily has more than seven years of experience with...

  8. Darla Munroe

    Miembro de personal

    Darla Munroe is director of research at the Lincoln Institute, leading efforts to support and coordinate the collective body of knowledge produced through the Institute’s work and fostering research...

  9. Anacláudia Rossbach

    Miembro de personal

    Anacláudia Rossbach is an economist with more than 20 years of experience working on issues such as precarious settlements, informality, social housing, and land and urban policy. She has worked on...

  10. Ryan Maye Handy

    Miembro de personal

    Ryan Maye Handy, AICP candidate, is a policy analyst and planner focusing on scenario planning. Her work focuses on training communities in the practice of scenario planning and using that practice...


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