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  1. Vacant properties plague struggling U.S. cities, according to new report

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    Mayo 2018
  2. World Urban Forum 9 focuses on how cities can grow equitably and sustainably

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    Enero 2018
  3. The potential of community land trusts in Rio’s favelas

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    Diciembre 2017
  4. Center for Community Investment names first class of Fulcrum Fellows

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    Octubre 2017
  5. Revitalizing smaller legacy cities, from Gary to Lowell

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    Agosto 2017
  6. How states can support urban revitalization

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    Junio 2017
  7. Lincoln Institute at the American Planning Association 2017 National Planning Conference

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    Abril 2017
  8. Atlas of Urban Expansion, online resource monitoring growth of cities worldwide

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    Enero 2017
  9. At Journalists Forum, confronting social equity

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    Abril 2015
  10. Cities at Center Stage: Towards Habitat III

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    Octubre 2014
    Patricia Burgess and Thomas Bier


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