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  1. Jessie Grogan

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    Jessie joined the Lincoln Institute in July 2016, with a broad portfolio of urban development activities, including work on scenario planning and spatial inequality. Prior to that, she worked as a...

  2. Paula Randolph

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    Paula Randolph has worked on community issues for more than 20 years. Prior to joining the Lincoln Institute she was the President of Associa Arizona, a global leader in association management. She...

  3. Dennis Robinson

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    Dennis Robinson is Executive Vice President and chief financial officer and treasurer of the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. With more than 30 years of tenure, he is the Institute’s most long-...

  4. Joan Youngman

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    Joan Youngman is senior fellow and chair of the Department of Valuation and Taxation at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She is an attorney and author of numerous...

  5. Karen Liao

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    Karen J. Liao is department manager for the Department of Planning and Urban Form at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. She earned her B.A. in anthropology at the University of California, Los...

  6. Kate Austermiller

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    Kate Austermiller is program manager for the Program on the People's Republic of China. She supports the research, trainings, conferences, policy advisory, and demonstration projects of the Peking...

  7. Laura Mullahy

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    Laura Mullahy contributes to the Program on Latin America and the Caribbean’s operations and educational programs. Based in Argentina, she has coauthored and edited numerous publications on land...

  8. Levering White

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  9. Martim O. Smolka

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    Martim O. Smolka, senior fellow and director of the Program on Latin America and the Caribbean, is an economist. His areas of expertise include land markets and land policy, access to land by the...

  10. Zhi Liu

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    Zhi Liu, a specialist in infrastructure and its financing, is director of the China program at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy and of the Peking University–Lincoln Institute Center for Urban...


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