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  1. Manufactured Homes Get a 'Game Changing' Boost in Federal Housing Push

    Revista Land Lines
    Abril 2024
    By Jon Gorey, April 8, 2024

    Manufactured housing is increasingly touted as an important part of the nation’s efforts to address its affordable housing woes

  2. Sub-cities, Part 2: Insulating from poorer segments

    Affordable Housing Institute Blog
    Enero 8, 2014
    El Instituto Lincoln en las noticias
  3. Bethlehem, Allentown part of national trend seeking payments from nonprofits

    The Express-Times
    Septiembre 3, 2013
    El Instituto Lincoln en las noticias
  4. Diplomado en Estudios Socio-Jurídicos del Suelo Urbano

    Febrero 12, 2024
    Antonio Azuela, Lidia González Malagón, Edgardo Sara, Claudia Acosta, Marta Lora-Tamayo, Melinda Lis Maldonado, Julio César Fuentes y Mónica Unda

    El Diplomado explora las esferas administrativa y judicial de la dimensión socio-jurídica de los estudios sobre el suelo urbano, así como la comprensión del mercado del suelo.

  5. Greetings from Cambridge, Part II

    St. Louis Post-Dispatch
    Abril 17, 2011
    El Instituto Lincoln en las noticias
  6. A light at the end of the tunnel? Officials may consider closing part of TIF district early

    Lake Geneva News
    Marzo 3, 2010
    El Instituto Lincoln en las noticias
  7. Fellows in Focus: Exploring the New Economics of Downtown

    Revista Land Lines
    Marzo 2024
    By Jon Gorey, March 15, 2024

    Economist Lindsay Relihan studies the connections between remote work, retail habits, and the shape of our cities

  8. President's Message: Revealing Who Owns America

    Revista Land Lines
    Abril 2024
    By George W. McCarthy, April 5, 2024

    New insights from a data mapping project launched by the Lincoln Institute's Center for Geospatial Solutions

  9. City Tech: Getting Smart About Surfaces

    Revista Land Lines
    Febrero 2024
    By Rob Walker, February 27, 2024

    From green roofs to cool pavement, cities are finding new ways to reduce heat and build resilience

  10. Mayor’s Desk: Seeing New Opportunity in Scranton

    Revista Land Lines
    Febrero 2024
    By Anthony Flint, February 13, 2024

    On the challenges and opportunities of guiding a postindustrial city that has some surprising claims to fame


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