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  1. Introducing Value-based Property Taxation in Poland

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    Marzo 1999
    Jane Malme and Dennis Robinson

    As a next step in the economic reforms begun in the post-Soviet period, momentum is growing in Poland for the introduction of a property tax based on market value. The recently established Department...

  2. Mexicali

    A Success Story of Property Tax Reform
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    Septiembre 1999
    Manuel Perló Cohen

    The case of Mexicali, the capital city of the border state of Baja California, Mexico, stands out as a good example of successful property tax reform in the 1990s. In only a few years the local...

  3. Challenges to Property Tax Administration in Porto Alegre, Brazil

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    Septiembre 1999

    The property tax in Brazil is an annual tax on urban land and buildings administered at the local government level. The tax base is derived from market value and is standardized across different...

  4. Taxes on Land and Buildings

    Case Studies of Transitional Economies
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    Mayo 1999
    Jane H. Malme

    The introduction of property taxation in transitional economies offers a unique perspective from which to study fiscal and governmental decentralization, land privatization and market development....

  5. Municipal Taxation in San Salvador

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    Mayo 1999
    Patricia Fuentes and Mario Lungo

    The demand for urban services surpasses the financial capacity of most cities around the world. To address this problem, many municipal governments successfully use the property tax, combined with...

  6. Educating Policymakers and Communities about Sprawl

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    Julio 1999
    Rosalind Greenstein

    While the issue of managing suburban growth has long been on the Lincoln Institute's agenda, "sprawl" is now receiving a great deal of attention from citizens, policy analysts and policymakers, as...

  7. Smart Growth for the Bluegrass Region

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    Enero 1999
    Jean Scott and Peter Pollock

    Like many fast-growing areas across the country, the Bluegrass region of central Kentucky is dealing with two complementary growth management issues: How to manage growth that takes place within the...

  8. Human Rights and Evictions of the Urban Poor in Colombia

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    Noviembre 1999
    Margaret Everett

    Although many governments in Latin America have improved the process of legalizing peripheral settlements, recognized the rights of housing, and acknowledged the United Nations' position on evictions...

  9. Implementing Property Taxation in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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    Noviembre 1999
    C. Kurt Zorn, Jean Tesche, and Gary Cornia

    The state of Bosnia and Herzegovina continues its long process of reconstruction and reconciliation, four years after the November 1995 signing of the Dayton Peace Accords, which marked the end of a...

  10. Urban Development Options for California's Central Valley

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    Septiembre 1999
    William Fulton

    For more than a century, California's Great Central Valley has been recognized as one of the world's foremost agricultural regions. A giant basin 450 miles long and averaging 50 miles wide, the...


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