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  1. Michael E. Bell


    Michael E. Bell is president of MEB Associates, Inc., and a research professor at George Washington University Institute of Public Policy. His work focuses on state and local finances and...

  2. Rob Breymaier


    Rob Breymaier has been working on fair housing policy for nearly 20 years. As the Executive Director of the Oak Park Regional Housing Center, he leads the nation’s most successful effort to promote...

  3. Marissa Plouin


    An urban policy specialist, Marissa Plouin coordinates the OECD Champion Mayors for Inclusive Growth initiative, a global coalition of mayors who have committed to advance more inclusive economic...

  4. Marcela Cristini


    Marcela Cristini is an invited researcher and member of the Council of CIPUV (Center for Housing and Urban Policy) and professor at Torcuato Di Tella University. Since 1980, she is also Senior...

  5. David M. Vetter


    David Vetter has worked for more than four decades on urban finance and economics in Latin America. He taught and did urban research in Brazil for 17 years. He joined the World Bank in 1990, where he...

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