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  1. Julio Calderón Cockburn


    Julio Abel Calderón Cockburn (Perú) es sociólogo especialista en la realidad social urbana peruana y latinoamericana. Actualmente es coordinador de la Maestría en Ciencias de Gestión y Planificación...

  2. Ascala Sisk

    Miembro de personal

    Ascala Sisk is deputy director at the Center for Community Investment. Prior to joining the Center, Ascala was vice president of Community Initiatives at NeighborWorks America where she led the...

  3. Chandni Navalkha

    Miembro de personal

    Chandni Navalkha is associate director of Sustainably Managed Land and Water Resources and works on projects to advance and accelerate the enduring protection of land and water resources worldwide....

  4. Jivan Sobrinho-Wheeler

    Miembro de personal

    Jivan’s work focuses on land and conservation policy and the power of conservation networks at both regional and international scales. Through his work with the International Land Conservation...

  5. Jenna Martin

    Miembro de personal

    Jenna has been with the Lincoln Institute since 2015. She is associate director of local and regional fiscal health, where she leads and supports activities that aim to improve the fiscal health of...

  6. Yu-Hung Hong


    In his work at the Land Governance Laboratory, Yu-Hung Hong studies the use of land tools to facilitate open and inclusive decision-making processes for land resource allocation in developing...

  7. Joan Youngman

    Miembro de personal

    Joan Youngman is senior fellow and chair of the Department of Valuation and Taxation at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She is an attorney and author of numerous...

  8. Adam H. Langley

    Miembro de personal

    Adam H. Langley is associate director of U.S. and Canadian programs at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. His research focuses on state and local public finance, with dozens of publications,...

  9. Daphne A. Kenyon, Ph.D.

    Miembro de personal

    Daphne A. Kenyon, Ph.D. is resident fellow in tax policy at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. Her specialty is state and local public finance, with an emphasis on the property tax. She serves on...

  10. Peter Pollock, FAICP

    Miembro de personal

    Peter Pollock, FAICP, is an urban and environmental planner based in Boulder, Colorado. Peter manages the Big City Planning Directors Institute at the Lincoln Institute, a program for city planners...

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