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  1. Julio Calderón Cockburn


    Julio Abel Calderón Cockburn (Perú) es sociólogo especialista en la realidad social urbana peruana y latinoamericana. Actualmente es coordinador de la Maestría en Ciencias de Gestión y Planificación...

  2. Scenario Planning

    We can't predict the future, but we can prepare for it.
    Visualización de datos
    Noviembre 2017

    What is scenario planning? Scenario planning is a practice through which communities plan for an uncertain future by exploring multiple possibilities of what might happen. The practice guides...

  3. State-by-State Property Tax at a Glance

    Data Visualization
    Visualización de datos
    Febrero 2018

    This data visualization tool allows users to compare a wide range of property tax statistics and key features of each state’s tax system. The companion narratives provide valuable context on the history of property tax systems and recent developments.

  4. The Place Database

    Visualización de datos
    Octubre 2017

    The Place Database is permanently deactivated effective September 30, 2021. After this date, any previously created links to interactive maps will no longer work. You can still interact with many of...

  5. Yu-Hung Hong


    In his work at the Land Governance Laboratory, Yu-Hung Hong studies the use of land tools to facilitate open and inclusive decision-making processes for land resource allocation in developing...

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