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  1. La recuperación de plusvalías, en simple

    Videos y multimedia
    Marzo 2022

    ¿Qué es la recuperación de plusvalías? ¿Cómo funciona? ¿Y por qué tantas comunidades alrededor del mundo han aplicado este enfoque de...

  2. Podcast: Mayor Miro Weinberger on the Fossil Fuel-Free Future of Burlington, Vermont

    Videos y multimedia
    Mayo 2022
    Season 3, Episode 3 of the Land Matters podcast with Anthony Flint and Miro Weinberger. 

    Burlington, Vermont—already sourcing 100 percent of its energy from renewables—is pledging to end all use of fossil fuels by 2030. In a Land Matters podcast, Mayor Miro Weinberger...

  3. Podcast: Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin and the Realities of Revitalization

    Videos y multimedia
    Marzo 2022
    Season 3, Episode 2 of the Land Matters podcast with Anthony Flint and Randall Woodfin. 

    Randall Woodfin, Birmingham’s “millennial mayor” and rising star in Alabama politics, has launched an urban mechanic’s agenda for revitalizing that post-industrial city:...

  4. Making Millennium Park

    Teaching Case Study
    Videos y multimedia
    Marzo 2022

    This three-part video teaching case study examines how Chicago’s Millennium Park was financed and how it is currently funded so that it can remain a city asset for years to come.

  5. Podcast: Bogotá Mayor Claudia López, Breaking New Ground

    Videos y multimedia
    Noviembre 2021
    Season 2, Episode 9 of the Land Matters podcast with Anthony Flint and Mayor Claudia López.

    Bogotá Mayor Claudia López talks about local climate action, land value capture for more equitable urban development, and the importance of supporting women in society, in an interview...

  6. Local Education, Land, and Location: The International Land Policy Conference

    Videos y multimedia
    Junio 2013
    Eric Hanushek

    Eric A. Hanushek, a fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University and a specialist in school funding, delivered the keynote presentation, “Is Location Fate? Distributional Aspects of...

  7. Podcast: Coauthor of Through the Roof on How Housing Can Be More Affordable

    Videos y multimedia
    Febrero 2021
    Season 2, Episode 2 of the Land Matters podcast with Anthony Flint and Ingrid Gould Ellen

    Rising rents are straining family budgets now more than ever, says NYU professor Ingrid Gould Ellen, coauthor of the Lincoln Institute report Through the Roof—and the pandemic has both revealed...

  8. Property Tax 101: Why the Property Tax

    Videos y multimedia
    Noviembre 2020

    Why is the property tax the bulwark of local government finance? What is the role of state aid in a healthy property tax system? This video explores these questions and more through the experiences of two Massachusetts municipalities.

  9. Podcast: Confronting a COVID Recession

    Videos y multimedia
    Octubre 2020
    Episode 15 of the Land Matters podcast with Anthony Flint, Daphne Kenyon, and Andrew Reschovsky.

    With revenues down and pandemic-related expenditures up, state and local governments are facing a fiscal calamity this fall and beyond. Experts from the Lincoln Institute talk about the options ahead...

  10. Property Tax 101: The Mechanics

    Videos y multimedia
    Noviembre 2020

    This explainer video walks through the mechanics of how the property tax works and why it is so stable and effective.


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