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  1. Land Value Taxation as a Method of Financing Municipal Expenditures in U.S. Cities

    Mayo 2007

    To what extent could local governments employ land and property taxation to recoup a portion of these land values for financing local services and infrastructure? Richard W. England tackles this...

  2. Taxing Land and Property in Emerging Economies

    Raising Revenue . . . and More?
    Mayo 2007
    Richard M. Bird and Enid Slack

    Richard M. Bird and Enid Slack examine the potential of land and property taxation in developing and transition countries. Bird and Slack present a less optimistic view of the use of land and...

  3. The United Kingdom’s Experience in Revitalizing Inner Cities

    Mayo 2007
    Peter Hall

    Peter Hall discusses chronologically the urban regeneration effects undertaken in the United Kingdom over the past 30 years. The British urban development patterns discussed by Hall are very...

  4. Community Land Trusts and Housing Affordability

    Mayo 2007
    Steven C. Bourassa

    The U.S. government housing programs for assisting low-income families are administered largely at the state and local levels, and they include the Section 8 (Housing Choice Voucher) program, Section...

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    Octubre 2007

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