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  1. Compilation of Land Lines articles holds lessons for Latin America

    Comunicados de prensa
    Agosto 13, 2013

    For Immediate ReleaseContact: Anthony Flint 617-503-2116 CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (August 13, 2013) – A new compilation of Land Lines articles from 2000 to 2012 translated into Spanish, Políticas de suelo...

  2. Ciudad y universidad unidas por la conservación

    Revista Land Lines
    Julio 2013
    Douglas L. Givens

    Los estudiantes, el cuerpo docente y los agricultores formaron una coalición comunitaria para proteger el entorno natural que distingue la experiencia de aprendizaje en la Universidad de...

  3. Metropolitan Cities in the National Fiscal and Institutional Structure

    Abril 2013
    Paul Smoke

    In this paper, Paul Smoke points out that an important yet neglected issue in the study of urban public finance in developing countries is how urban and metropolitan governments are situated in the...

  4. Financing Metropolitan Governments in Developing Countries

    Abril 2013
    Edited by Roy W. Bahl, Johannes F. Linn, and Deborah L. Wetzel

    This work uses case studies of urban financing mechanisms in China, India, and Brazil to help decision makers in developing countries address the challenges of rapid metropolitan growth. The report...

  5. The Decentralization of Governance in Metropolitan Areas

    Abril 2013
    Roy W. Bahl

    The theory and practice of providing government services in metropolitan areas are subjects that have attracted a great deal of attention in the industrial countries but have been largely ignored in...

  6. The Unit Approach to the Taxation of Railroad and Public Utility Property

    Mayo 2013
    Gary C. Cornia, David J. Crapo, and Lawrence C. Walters

    Administering a property tax system presents ongoing challenges under the best of circumstances. Whether it involves keeping taxpayer rolls up to date, pursuing tax evaders, or updating taxable...

  7. Land Lines, Abril 2013

    Revista Land Lines
    Abril 2013
    Coeditado por Ann LeRoyer y Maureen Clarke
  8. Institutions and Politics of Metropolitan Management

    Abril 2013
    Inder Sud and Serder Yilmaz

    In this paper by Inder Sud and Serdar Yilmaz, the authors point out the fact that metropolitan cities play a vital role in economic development. In most countries they account for a significant share...

  9. Implementing Value Capture in Latin America

    Policies and Tools for Urban Development
    Enfoques en políticas de suelo
    Junio 2013

    This report provides a review of land value capture's antecedents in Latin America and its longstanding presence in the urban planning agenda. It also examines a variety of land value capture...

  10. Metropolitan Governance and Finance in São Paulo

    Abril 2013
    Deborah L. Wetzel

    With a population of 11.2 million residents, São Paulo is the largest city in Brazil, the largest city in the southern hemisphere, and the world’s seventh largest city by population. The city is...


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