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  1. Property Taxation in Indonesia

    Challenges from Decentralization
    Documentos de trabajo
    Febrero 2003
    Roy Kelly

    In 1986, Indonesia embarked on a major property tax reform, generally recognized as perhaps the most successful property tax reform in the developing world. The reform simplified basic tax policy,...

  2. Land Lines, April 2003

    Revista Land Lines
    Abril 2003
    Edited by Ann LeRoyer

    This issue looks at the unanticipated improvements in property tax administration and uniformity in the U.S.; the relationships between growth, land use, and water supply in the West; the need for...

  3. Urban Land Policy Reform in China

    Revista Land Lines
    Abril 2003
    Chengri Ding and Gerrit Knaap

    Photograph Caption: H. James Brown, president of the Lincoln Institute, with Lu Xinshe, vice-minister of China’s Ministry of Land and Resources, signed an agreement in September 2002 at Lincoln House...

  4. From the President

    Revista Land Lines
    Octubre 2003
    H. James Brown

    In preparation for the 2003–2004 academic year, the Lincoln Institute has made some changes in its departmental structure. We established the Department of International Studies to integrate the...

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