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  1. El camino a la recuperación

    Cómo gobernar la reconstrucción después de una catástrofe
    Revista Land Lines
    Julio 2013
    Laurie A. Johnson and Robert B. Olshansky

    Los gobiernos enfrentan una serie extraordinaria de desafíos de gestión después de un terremoto o maremoto. Luego de haber investigado los esfuerzos de recuperación...

  2. New Book "Property Tax in Asia" Provides the First Comprehensive Analysis of the Property Tax Across the World’s Largest Continent

    Revista Land Lines
    Septiembre 2022
    By Will Jason, September 7, 2022

    The property tax has great potential as a source of local government revenue in Asia, but its implementation has been uneven. The Lincoln Institute’s new book Property Tax in Asia: Policy and Practice provides the first comprehensive analysis of how this

  3. The Role of Infrastructure in Economic Growth, Poverty Reduction, and Regional Integration

    Revista Land Lines
    Agosto 2022
    By José Gómez-Ibáñez and Zhi Liu, August 30, 2022

    How can infrastructure development stimulate economic growth, reduce poverty, and promote regional integration? The Lincoln Institute book "Infrastructure Economics and Policy: International Perspectives" explores this and other questions.

  4. President’s Message

    We Need to Get Infrastructure Right. The Stakes Couldn't Be Higher.
    Revista Land Lines
    Octubre 2021
    By George W. McCarthy, October 11, 2021

    In an essay adapted from the forthcoming Lincoln Institute book Infrastructure Economics and Policy: International Perspectives, President George “Mac” McCarthy reflects on the critical connections among urbanization, sustainability, and infrastructure.

  5. Planning and Financing Sustainable and Equitable Cities: Global Views on Land Value Capture (A 75th Anniversary Lincoln Institute Dialogue)

    Octubre 27, 2021
    Speakers: Enrique Silva, Barbara Scholz, and Rudiger Ahrend

    Land value capture is a policy approach that enables communities to recover and reinvest land value increases that result from public investment and other government actions. Land value capture is rooted in the notion that public action should generate pu

  6. Urban Land Value Capture in São Paulo, Addis Ababa, and Hyderabad

    Differing Interpretations, Equity Impacts, and Enabling Conditions
    Documentos de trabajo
    Enero 2020
    Anjali Mahendra, Robin King, Erin Gray, Maria Hart, Laura Azeredo, Luana Betti, Surya Prakash, Amartya Deb, Elleni Ashebir, and Asmaa Ibrahim

    This paper presents analysis of the fiscal and equity impacts of urban land value capture instruments based on three case studies from the global south. These include the Lideta redevelopment in...

  7. Perfil académico

    Laurie Johnson y Robert Olshansky
    Revista Land Lines
    Abril 2016

    50 años de planificación para la recuperación ante catástrofes Laurie Johnson es una planificadora urbana internacionalmente reconocida, especializada en la recuperación y gestión de riesgos por...

  8. Property Taxation in Indonesia

    Challenges from Decentralization
    Documentos de trabajo
    Febrero 2003
    Roy Kelly

    In 1986, Indonesia embarked on a major property tax reform, generally recognized as perhaps the most successful property tax reform in the developing world. The reform simplified basic tax policy,...

  9. Policy Options for the Taxation of Agriculture Land and Agricultural Income in India

    Documentos de trabajo
    Junio 2004
    Sebastian S. James

    This paper is a study of the policy options for the taxation of Agricultural Land and Agricultural Income in India at the levels of the Local, State and Central Government. This study has come to the...

  10. A Politician’s Appraisal of Property Taxation

    Israel’s Experience with the Arnona
    Documentos de trabajo
    Septiembre 1999
    Dan Darin

    Throughout the world, governments are searching for better taxation systems than those we are familiar with to finance the activities of local authorities. Every known local taxation system includes...


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