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  1. El estado de la zonificación local

    Reformas a un enfoque centenario del uso del suelo
    Revista Land Lines
    Enero 2023

    Durante el último siglo, comunidades de todo el territorio de los Estados Unidos han utilizado la zonificación local a fin de regular el uso del suelo. Pero críticos de ambos...

  2. “Mayor’s Desk” Book Highlights Crucial Work of Local Government Leaders

    Revista Land Lines
    Noviembre 2023
    By Kristina McGeehan, November 7, 2023

    20 innovative leaders from five continents share their struggles and successes, along with strategies for making cities more equitable, sustainable, and healthy places to live and work.

  3. The State of Local Zoning: Reforming a Century-Old Approach to Land Use

    Revista Land Lines
    Diciembre 2022
    By Anthony Flint, December 23, 2022

    Communities across the United States have used local zoning to regulate land use for the last century. But critics on both sides of the aisle say this planning approach has caused social, economic,...

  4. What Will Make Home Buyers Consider Climate Risk? What Happens Once They Do?

    Revista Land Lines
    Noviembre 2023
    By Jon Gorey, November 17, 2023

    Where the planet is sending us flashing red “stop” signals, homebuyers and developers seem to see green lights. Why? And what will it take to change that?

  5. From the House to the Ground: Insights Into the Challenges of Implementing State Housing Policies

    Septiembre 2023
    Jenny Schuetz, Julia Gill, Semida Munteanu, and Sydney Zelinka

    As housing affordability concerns increase, state legislatures are increasingly intent on implementing reform. New insights from a workshop held by the Lincoln Institute and Brookings Metro offer a look at the challenges and opportunities along the way.

  6. Lincoln Institute of Land Policy Vertical Equity App

    Bases de datos
    Septiembre 2023

    Vertical equity in property tax assessment requires that assessment levels remain consistent over the range of real estate values, with high-value and low-value properties exhibiting the same ratio...

  7. State Housing Policy Workshop

    Abril 13, 2023

    This workshop is designed to help state officials learn how to effectively track and evaluate the outcomes of newly adopted state housing policies.

  8. Four New Projects Will Use Scenario Planning to Explore Housing Affordability

    Revista Land Lines
    Agosto 2023
    By Jon Gorey, August 10, 2023

    The Consortium for Scenario Planning has announced the winners of a recent RFP focused on housing affordability.

  9. Who Owns America: The Geospatial Mapping Technology That Could Help Cities Beat Predatory Investors at Their Own Game

    Revista Land Lines
    Julio 2023
    By Jon Gorey, July 18, 2023

    Corporate investors have the upper hand in the housing market, but the Center for Geospatial Solutions is providing communities with the data they need to push back.

  10. The Case for Climate-Informed Zoning

    A Study of Fiscal Impact in Norfolk, VA
    Documentos de trabajo
    Junio 2023
    Katherine Burgess, Michael Rodriguez, Jordan Howard, Jared Klukas, and Megan Wright

    As the impacts of climate change continue to intensify, zoning presents a key tool to direct development to protect communities from climate events. Norfolk, Virginia, a city at severe risk from sea...


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