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  1. Monitoring the Share of Land in Streets

    Public Works and the Quality of Global Urban Expansion
    Noviembre 2015

    Whether it is microhousing for hipsters in Seattle, high-rises for the upwardly mobile in Beijing, or informal settlements on the fringe of Nairobi, the expansion of urban areas is poorly monitored...

  2. Special Assessments in California

    35 Years of Expansion and Restriction
    Mayo 2012
    Dean J. Misczynski

    The use of special assessments in California is one of the longest value capture experiences in the United States. In this paper Dean J. Misczynski describes this instrument and related financing...

  3. The Economics of Conservation Easements

    Mayo 2007
    Andrew J. Plantinga

    Environmental preservation—or more specifically conservation easements—is an area of public action that affects property values. According to Andrew J. Plantinga, by 2005 about 3.9 million acres of...

  4. Infrastructure and Urban Development

    Evidence from Chinese Cities
    Mayo 2013

    This paper by Yan Song discusses the links between infrastructure provision and urban expansion, the relationship between levels of infrastructure and land prices, and the mechanisms used to finance...

  5. Airport Improvement Fees, Benefit Spillovers, and Land Value Capture Mechanisms

    Mayo 2012
    Anming Zhang

    Airports may use land value capture as a funding source for infrastructure improvements. Anming Zhang explores the questions of how positive externalities generated by airports should be internalized...

  6. Brazil’s Urban Land and Housing Markets

    How Well Are They Working?
    Mayo 2007
    David E. Dowall

    As does the United States, Brazil faces many housing policy challenges. David E. Dowell points out that Brazilian housing is expensive and lacks local services and secure land tenure—a phenomenon...

  7. Sea-Level Rise and Coastal Zone Management

    Mayo 2011
    Robert J. Nicholls

    In this paper, Robert J. Nicholls assesses the situation in other parts of the world, arguing that many cities, such as London, New York, Tokyo, Shanghai, and Mumbai, are threatened by sea-level rise...

  8. How Alternative Revenue Structures Are Changing Local Government

    Mayo 2010
    Tracy M. Gordon and Kim Rueben

    In this paper, Tracy M. Gordon and Kim Rueben note that the revenue mix for local government changes frequently in response to economic shocks, policy shifts, and technological advances in tax...

  9. Alternative Energy Sources and Land Use

    Mayo 2011
    Clinton J. Andrews, Lisa Dewey-Mattia, Judd M. Schechtman, and Mathias Mayr

    Clinton J. Andrews, Lisa Dewey-Mattia, Judd M. Schechtman, and Mathias Mayr project that, by 2030, the global demand for energy will increase from the 2010 level of about 149,000 terrawatthours per...

  10. Land Registration, Economic Development, and Poverty Reduction

    Mayo 2009
    Klaus Deininger and Gershon Feder

    One common objective of establishing secure private property rights in land, particularly in developing countries, is to reduce poverty. The World Bank and other international aid agencies have...


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