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  1. Do U.S. Policy Makers Have Better Alternatives to Cap and Trade?

    Mayo 2011
    Ian W. H. Parry and Roberton C. Williams III

    In this paper, Ian W. H. Parry and Roberton C. Williams III argue that traditional benefit-cost assessments of different environmental policies often assume that the economy is in a Pareto optimum....

  2. Panorama do Imposto sobre a Propriedade Imobiliária na América Latina

    Documentos de trabajo
    Octubre 2010

    Este artigo apresenta os principais resultados do levantamento de dados que vem sendo desenvolvido a respeito do imposto sobre a propriedade imobiliária na América Latina, tendo como base um corte...

  3. Associações de Moradores do Rio de Janeiro e Tendências Imobiliárias Recentes das Favelas

    Documentos de trabajo
    Abril 2015
    Gregory R. Scruggs and Arthur Acoca-Pidolle

    As favelas do Rio de Janeiro têm sido alvo de políticas públicas nos últimos quatro anos com vistas a uma melhor qualidade de vida através de melhorias da seguran...

  4. Do Homeowners Associations Mitigate or Aggravate Negative Spillovers from Neighboring Homeowner Distress?

    Documentos de trabajo
    Febrero 2014
    Ron Cheung, Chris Cunningham, and Rachel Meltzer

    Experiences reveal that the monitoring costs of the foreclosure crisis may be non-trivial, and smaller governments may have more success at addressing potential negative externalities. One highly...

  5. Where Do Property Rights Matter More?

    Explaining the Variation in Demand for Property Titles Across Cities in Mexico
    Documentos de trabajo
    Diciembre 2015
    Paavo Monkkonen

    Existing empirical research has established that stronger legal claims to property in urban areas have significant market value, but previous studies examine this question in a single city or market...

  6. Premature Subdivisions and What to Do About Them

    Documentos de trabajo
    Febrero 2010
    Donald Elliott

    As the recent economic recession has slowed the breakneck pace of growth in the western United States, many communities—from the Great Plains west to the Sierra Nevada Mountains—are...

  7. Do Wisconsin Tax Increment Finance Districts Stimulate Growth in Real Estate Values?

    Documentos de trabajo
    Diciembre 2007
    Russell Kashian, with Mark Skidmore and David Merriman

    Economic development is one of the central tasks of local government in the United States. In recent years local governments around the country have made wide use of a somewhat obscure and indirect...

  8. Do Bylaws Matter?

    Evaluating Conservation Subdivision Design
    Documentos de trabajo
    Junio 2007
    Elisabeth M. Hamin

    This research investigates what public and private purposes are being achieved in projects permitted as conservation or open space subdivisions. An expert panel evaluated nine conservation...

  9. Indicadores de Gestão Fiscal e de Qualidade do Gasto nos Municípios Brasileiros

    Impactos da Lei de Responsabilidade Fiscal nas Prefeituras
    Documentos de trabajo
    Mayo 2017
    José Roberto Rodrigues Afonso, Kleber Pacheco de Castro, Marcos Hecksher, Alexandre Sobreira Cialdini, and Fabrício Marques Santos

    Com o intuito de tentar captar o comportamento incentivado pela LRF no âmbito dos governos locais, este trabalho visou construir e analisar indicadores de performance para observar a tend...

  10. Land Matters Podcast: Summer of Smoke and Swelter

    The Science Behind Climate-Induced Wildfires
    Revista Land Lines
    Agosto 2023
    By Anthony Flint, August 3, 2023

    Record-breaking heat, out-of-control wildfires, and eye-stinging smoke have made the impacts of climate change inescapable for millions of people this summer. Heat, drought, high winds, and...


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