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  1. The Intersection Between Planning and the Municipal Budget

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    Enero 2008
    Jack Huddleston

    The Fiscal Dimensions of Planning effort sponsored by the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy is intended to help practicing planners and students of planning understand the fiscal context and...

  2. Asymmetry in Municipal Government Responses in Growing vs. Shrinking Counties with Focus on Capital Spending

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    Noviembre 2017
    Biswa Das and Mark Skidmore 

    Spending by municipal governments in the United States increased by more than 250 percent between 1972 and 2012, faster than population growth (48 percent increase) and growth in median household...

  3. City Tech: Getting Smart About Surfaces

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    Febrero 2024
    By Rob Walker, February 27, 2024

    From green roofs to cool pavement, cities are finding new ways to reduce heat and build resilience

  4. The Effects of Land Development on Municipal Finance

    A Conceptual Overview
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    Septiembre 2009
    Kurt Paulsen

    The purpose of this paper is to provide a theoretical and conceptual understanding of the fiscal effects which might be expected to result from land development within a community. The paper begins...

  5. Land-Based Financing For Brazil's Municipalities

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    Octubre 2011
    David Michael Vetter and Marcia Vetter

    Brazil’s chronically low level of public sector investment has resulted in serious infrastructure deficits that are often cited as an impediment to its economic development. Brazil’s municipalities...

  6. Denial of Municipal Services to Taxpaying Condominium and Homeowner Association Unit Owners

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    Agosto 2011

    While taxpayer demand for infrastructure and service funding have expanded over the years, municipal resources to deliver these services have become more difficult to access as a result of the...

  7. Municipally Imposed Tax and Expenditure Limits

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    Abril 2009
    Leah Brooks and Justin Phillips

    For many years, researchers have puzzled over the causes and consequences of voter-approved tax and expenditure limits (TELs), a fiscal rule that weakens the ability of elected officials to raise...

  8. Capital Planning Conference for New England Municipal Officials

    Noviembre 30, 2018

    This conference aims to provide New England municipal officials with highly practical capital planning advice, ideas, best practices, and tools that they can put to use in their own municipalities.

  9. Fellows in Focus: Exploring the New Economics of Downtown

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    Marzo 2024
    By Jon Gorey, March 15, 2024

    Economist Lindsay Relihan studies the connections between remote work, retail habits, and the shape of our cities

  10. Tributación municipal en San Salvador

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    Mayo 1999
    Patricia Fuentes and Mario Lungo

    Una versión más actualizada de este artículo está disponible como parte del capítulo 3 del libro Perspectivas urbanas: Temas críticos en políticas de suelo de América Latina. La demanda por servicios...


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