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  1. An Analysis of Alternative Revenue Sources for Local Governments

    Mayo 2010
    David L. Sjoquist and Andrew V. Stephenson

    In this paper, David L. Sjoquist and Andrew V. Stephenson evaluate the property tax, local sales tax, and local income tax using a standard set of criteria, including efficiency, equity, tax base...

  2. Local Revenues Under Fiscal Decentralization in Developing Countries

    Linking Policy Reform, Governance, and Capacity
    Mayo 2008
    Paul Smoke

    Paul Smoke examines local revenue generation under fiscal decentralization in developing countries. He finds that local capacity for generating own-source funds is rare due to a lack of attention to...

  3. Intergovernmental Transfers to Local Governments

    Mayo 2010
    David E. Wildasin

    One often-anticipated solution for closing municipal fiscal gaps is to increase federal and state government transfers to cities. In this paper author, David E. Wildasin, examines this possibility....

  4. Trends in Local Government Revenues

    The Old, the New, and the Future
    Mayo 2010
    J. Edwin Benton

    This paper by J. Edwin Benton examines the response of diverse local fiscal structures in the U.S to economic stress with the aim to determine whether small and large municipalities across regions...

  5. Local Government Finances

    The Link Between Intergovernmental Transfers and Net Worth
    Mayo 2008
    Luiz de Mello

    In this paper, Luiz de Mello, using panel-based aggregate local government data from 13 OECD countries, examines the causal relationship between intergovernmental transfers and subnational...

  6. The Role of Private-Sector Developers in Challenges to Local Land Use Regulations

    Mayo 2009
    Keri-Nicole Dillman and Lynn M. Fisher

    Increasingly, states are employing a property rights approach to confront exclusionary zoning at the local level. This approach relies on providing private developers with a density bonus or other...

  7. Local Service Provision in Selected OECD Countries

    Do Decentralized Operations Work Better?
    Mayo 2008
    Ehtisham Ahmad, Giorgio Brosio, and Vito Tanzi

    The authors survey the related literature of decentralization experiences in selected OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation...

  8. The Effects of Development Impact Fees on Local Fiscal Conditions

    Mayo 2010
    Gregory S. Burge

    In this paper, Gregory S. Burge examines user fees and charges and their direct and indirect fiscal impacts. Among such levies, development impact fees have become most popular in U.S. cities. These...

  9. Integrating Adaptation and Mitigation in Local Climate Change Planning

    Mayo 2011
    Elisabeth M. Hamin

    Another land use planning issue related to climate policy is the potential tradeoffs in land use between adaptation and mitigation. Whereas typical mitigation measures, such as compact city structure...

  10. Homeowners Associations and Their Impact on the Local Public Budget

    Mayo 2010
    Ron Cheung

    The primary objective of homeowners associations (HOAs) is to provide their members with services that supplement the municipal provision. Access to HOA services is restricted to members only. In...


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