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Research, Public Sector Policy Change, Advocacy, Philanthropy and the Private Sector Collide to Create an Affordable Housing and Economic Development Opportunity in Colorado

The Case of indieDwell

Phyllis Resnick and Jennifer Newcomer

Junio 2021, inglés

On July 6, 2020, modular builder indieDwell opened a factory in Pueblo, Colorado with a capacity of 160,000 square feet of housing and plans for expansion. indieDwell’s journey to Colorado was facilitated by a confluence of independent efforts starting with a key research effort and coincident regulatory changes. In their wake, indieDwell Colorado, a private non-profit corporation, forged partnerships with philanthropy, the state of Colorado and local economic development organizations. In three years, research translated into policy action. As a result, Colorado has another option for addressing affordable housing.

This case explores the relationship between these factors and how they combined to provide Colorado with affordable housing options. It examines each component through interviews and develops a replicable model to be followed in the future and elsewhere. The findings include key learnings about how multiple players (research, philanthropy, government, private sector) can join effectively and quickly to address affordable housing needs.


desarrollo comunitario, desarrollo económico, vivienda, gobierno local, planificación