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Buy-In for Buyouts

The Case for Managed Retreat from Flood Zones

Robert Freudenberg, Ellis Calvin, Laura Tolkoff, and Dare Brawley

Septiembre 2016, inglés

This report offers policy recommendations to increase participation in buyout programs and to make them more effective tools for building resilience in coastal communities. Based on a study of managed retreat following Hurricanes Irene and Sandy, the report provides an overview of flooding risk, a detailed summation of existing buyout programs, case studies, and interviews.

About the Authors

Robert Freudenberg is the director of energy and environmental programs at Regional Plan Association, leading the organization’s initiatives in areas including climate mitigation and adaptation, open-space conservation and park development, and water resource management. Rob works closely with other RPA staff to integrate these objectives with RPA’s economic, transportation, land use, design, and community development initiatives.

Ellis Calvin is an associate planner for Regional Plan Association’s energy and environmental programs dedicated to making the New York metropolitan region a more equitable and resilient place. . His work includes researching best practices in climate change and adaptation strategies as well as conducting data and spatial analyses to clarify the impact of environmental planning and policies on quality of life and economic competitiveness

Laura Tolkoff previously served as senior planner for energy and environmental programs at Regional Plan Association where she focused on advancing climate mitigation and resilience through research, planning, and advocacy. Her work included a number of rebuilding efforts, innovating in design and planning, building community resilience, and reshaping federal policies and programs to address future climate impacts.

Dare Brawley was previously a research analyst for energy and environmental programs at RPA. She led research efforts in resilience and scenario planning for “The Fourth Regional Plan,” a set of analyses, projections, and policy recommendations about the future dynamics of the Greater NYC urban system.


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