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America’s Legacy Cities

Building an Equitable Renaissance

Jessie Grogan

Marzo 2020, inglés

Legacy cities have been at the center of some of America’s most historic achievements, and they possess a strong civic spirit and culture of innovation at a time when these qualities are most needed. Once drivers of industry and prosperity, many legacy cities are now on a path toward revitalization. Their challenges reflect a national struggle that too often leaves disadvantaged groups behind, yet legacy cities are also poised to seize many similar opportunities. With the right strategies, they can take steps to regenerate and follow in the footsteps of their peers on the rebound with deliberate, concentrated effort from new coalitions of civic actors. This four-page policy brief builds on the work of the Legacy Cities Initiative, exploring strategies for the equitable revitalization and creation of shared prosperity in places of every size.


desarrollo comunitario, desarrollo económico, inequidad, gobierno local, Salud fiscal municipal, finanzas públicas, desarrollo urbano, regeneración urbana