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Recuperación de plusvalias en América Latina

Alternativas para el desarrollo urbano

Edited by Martim Smolka and Fernanda Furtado

Abril 2001, español

Copublished by the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy and the Postgraduate and Research Institute of the School of Architecture, Design and Urban Studies of the Catholic University of Chile.

Latin American urbanization is characterized largely by dramatic social inequities, particularly in the access to urban land and services. These inequities are expressed in formidable urban land price differentials associated with the process through which land value increments are generated, appropriated, and used. In this context, it is not surprising that ideas such as the mobilization of land value increments to benefit the community, as inspired by the work of Henry George, have attracted so much attention in the region. In Recuperacion de plusvalias en America Latina: Alternativas para el desarrollo urbano (Value Capture in Latin America: Alternatives for Urban Development), eight essays by Latin American scholars demonstrate that value capture policies are theoretically feasible and that legislation and tools for their implementation already exist in many countries. The case studies offer valuable lessons not only for Latin America and the third world, but also for the developed world.value


Henry George, desarrollo urbano, recuperación de plusvalías