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Admissions to Academy Schools in England

School Composition and House Prices

Stephen Machin and Anne West

Mayo 2014, inglés

England has had various forms of school choice for decades. Stephen Machin and Anne West focus on the introduction of academy schools, a new form of secondary school, in 2000. Academies are broadly similar to charter schools in the United States in that they are independently run public schools that are subject to a different regulatory framework from other public schools. By 2008–2009, 4 percent of secondary schools in England were academies. (In comparison, about 3 percent of K–12 students now attend charter schools in the United States.)

The empirical work conducted by Machin and West examined two issues: (1) the impact of the introduction of academies on the enrollment mix in academies and neighboring schools; and (2) the effect of academies on nearby residential property values. Machin and West found that schools that converted to academies experienced a significant increase in the quality of their students, but that this increase appeared to come at the expense of nearby secondary schools, which experienced a decrease in test scores of admitted pupils. Machin and West also found that house prices in the area of an academy conversion rose by about 7 percent.

This paper was presented at the Lincoln Institute’s annual Land Policy Conference in 2013 and is Chapter 11 of the book Education, Land, and Location.


economía, vivienda, inequidad, monitoreo del mercado de suelo