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Políticas de suelo urbano

Perspectivas internacionales para América Latina

Edited by Martim O. Smolka and Laura Mullahy

Abril 2015, español

Lincoln Institute of Land Policy

This Spanish-language volume presents a range of original insights on critical themes in urban land policy and provides lessons learned from research conducted outside Latin America. The articles, orginally published in Land Lines in English, were chosen to help inspire local improvements and innovations in land policy analysis, design, implementation, and evaluation.

About the Editors

Martim O. Smolka is senior fellow and director of the Program on Latin America and the Caribbean at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy.

Laura Mullahy is manager of special projects in the Office of the President at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. She previously worked directly with the Program on Latin America and the Caribbean and has coauthored and edited numerous publications on land policy in Latin America.