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Planning for States and Nation-States in the U.S. and Europe

Edited by Gerrit-Jan Knaap, Zorica Nedović-Budić, and Armando Carbonell

Abril 2015, inglés

Lincoln Institute of Land Policy

This timely transatlantic dialogue between planning researchers and policy makers provides a wealth of information and insights into the planning frameworks and institutions in changing economic, environmental, social, and political contexts. There are no silver bullets, but the international lessons learned provide a formidable foundation for innovative and implementable responses to the governance challenges and opportunities in spatial planning.”

Robert Freestone, Professor of Planning, University of New South Whales

Through case studies, this book presents alternative planning frameworks in the United States and Europe. It shows planners and policy makers how states and nation-states are addressing issues such as climate change, economic development, and community revitalization, while also adapting to ongoing change in the roles of national, state, regional, and local governments.

About the Editors

Gerrit-Jan Knaap is a professor of urban studies and planning and associate dean for research and creative activity at the University of Maryland’s School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation. He is also director of the University of Maryland’s National Center for Smart Growth Research and Education.

Zorica Nedović-Budić is professor of spatial planning in the School of Geography, Planning, and Environmental Policy at University College Dublin, Ireland.

Armando Carbonell is vice president of programs at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy.


The case studies in this volume document the rise of regionalism in the United States and Europe, yet they reveal that successful regional planning remains elusive. This book is a must-read for land use planners, proponents of regionalism, and advocates of sustainable development, to learn about many of the exciting spatial planning initiatives being pursue in the Untied States and Europe.”

Tim Chapin, Associate Dean for Development, College of Social Sciences and Public Policy and Professor, Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Florida State University

Planning for States and Nation-States is an authoritative resource on the evolution of contemporary planning policies, processes, and institutions in the United States and Europe.”

Dominic Stead, Associate Professor in Urban and Regional Development, Delft University of Technology

The book is essential reading to understand the complex processes of land use planning and regulation at the state and nation-state levels in the United States and Europe. It explores how the processes fit—or fail to fit—in a regional context in the United States and Europe.”

David L. Callies, FAICP, Benjamin Kudo Professor of Law, William. S. Richardson School of Law, The University of Hawaii at Manoa

“Top planning scholars from the United States and several European countries provide a long-awaited exchange of knowledge across the Atlantic. Although many of the countries in this volume share similar traditions and challenges, each country has a unique planning story.”

Rachelle Alterman, Professor of Architecture, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

Table of Contents

1. Land Use Regulation in the United States: An Intergovernmental Framework, Patricia E. Salkin

Commentary: Armando Carbonell


2. Land Use Planning in Oregon: The Quilt and the Struggle for Scale, Ethan Seltzer

Commentary: Richard Whitman


3. Will Climate Change Save Growth Management in California? William Fulton

Commentary: Mike McKeever


4. The New Jersey State Planning Experience: From Ambitious Vision to Implementation Quagmire to Goal Redefinition, Martin A. Bierbaum

Commentary: Frank J. Popper


5. Using Incentives to Combat Sprawl: Maryland’s Evolving Approach to Smart Growth, Gerrit-Jan Knaap

Commentary: Richard Hall


6. Delaware’s Quiet Emergence into Innovative State Planning, Rebecca Lewis

Commentary: Constance C. Holland


7. The European Union Context of National Planning, Andreas Faludi

Commentary: Brendan Williams


8. The National Spatial Strategy for The Netherlands, Barrie Needham

Commentary: Henriëtte Bersee


9. The Danish National Spatial Planning Framework: Fluctuating Capacities of Planning Policies and Institutions, Daniel Galland and Stig Enemark

Commentary: Jane Kragh Andersen


10. Planning Without a Spatial Development Perspective? The French Case, Anna Geppert

Commentary: Jean Peyrony


11. National Planning in the United Kingdom, Mark Tewdwr-Jones

Commentary: Leonora Rozee


12. The Irish National Spatial Strategy, Berna Grist

Commentary: Niall Cussen



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