Paperback | $39.95 | 384 pages
ISBN: 978-0-7656-2040-8

Global Universities and Urban Development

Case Studies and Analysis

Edited by Wim Wiewel and David C. Perry

Marzo 2008, inglés

Published by M.E. Sharpe, Inc., in cooperation with the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy

This book on the role of global universities in urban development, edited by Wim Wiewel and David C. Perry, complements their previous volume on U.S. institutions, The University as Urban Developer: Case Studies and Analysis (M.E. Sharpe and Lincoln Institute, 2005).

This work is part of the Lincoln Institute’s project to improve the collective capacity of leaders to achieve the multiple interests of cities, universities, and communities in ways that are mutually agreeable. This book thus continues the dialogue between universities and their host communities about the roles and responsibilities of all the city’s residents (i.e., individuals and institutions, public sector and private sector) in contributing to the quality of life in the city.

Linking the fields of real estate development, higher education, and urban design, this volume offers case studies of universities in 13 countries in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. Universities outside the United States are most often public entities, and their development practices exemplify how the modern state operates. The role of the knowledge economy in urban and global development has, in turn, forced a new consideration of universities as elements of the state and has provided an empirical position from which to assess the changing role of the state in this dynamic new era.

The book features contributions from noted urban scholars, campus planners and architects, and university administrators who provide a wide-angled perspective of the issues and practices that comprise university real estate development around the globe. A concluding chapter by the editors offers practical evaluations of the many cases and identifies best practices in the field.

Table of Contents


1. The University, the City, and Land: Context and Introduction, David C. Perry and Wim Wiewel

The University, the Devolving State, and Development

2. The University of Helsinki as a Developer, Anne Haila

3. From Conversion to Cash Cow? The University of Luneburg, Germany, Katrin B. Anacker and Uwe Altrock

4. Varsity Real Estate in Scotland: New Visions for Town and Gown?, Deborah Peel

5. Toward Downtown: Spatial Growth and University Location in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area, Yuichi Takeuchi

The University as a Zone of Development

6. Mexico City and University City: A Story of Struggle for Autonomy through Land, Carlos Morales Schechinger and Sara Garcia Jimenez

7. Partnering with Private Corporations to Build on Campus: Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea, GwangYa Han and Wann Yu

8. Urban and Real Estate Development of the Central University of Venezuela's Rental Zone, Abner J. Colmenares

9. Development of the Jatinangor University Area, Indonesia: Growth Problems and Local Responses, Wilmar Salim

10. The University of Oporto and the Process of Urban Change: An Ambiguous Relationship, Isabel Breda-Vazquez, Paulo Conceiao, and Sonia Alves

The University and the Contested City

11. Academic Fortress: The Case of Hebrew University on Mount Scopus, Jerusalem, Haim Yacobi

12. Interface between Academy and Community in Contested Space: The Difficult Dialogue, Frank Gaffikin

Lessons Learned

13. The University, the City, and the State: Institutional Entrepreneurship or Instrumentality of the State?, Wim Wiewel and David C. Perry


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