Professional Development Course on Informal Land Markets and Regularization in Latin America

Noviembre 27, 2016 - Diciembre 2, 2016

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Free, offered in español

This week-long professional development course provides participants the opportunity to develop knowledge and systematize their understanding of the urban informal economy, as well as to develop instruments of economic analysis on informality, land markets and price formation, and the processes that generate informal settlements in cities of Latin America and the Caribbean. Participants deepen their knowledge of the economic dimension of the urban informal economy, technical intervention mechanisms, planning and scale program management, and mechanisms of regularization of tenure of the land through the analysis of experiences and cases in cities of Latin America and the Caribbean and other regions. The course is developed in collaboration with the United Nations Program for Human Settlements (UN-Habitat), the General Directorate of Planning and Territorial Development (DGODT) and the Agency to Promote Development Initiatives (APID) of Dominican Republic.


Noviembre 27, 2016 - Diciembre 2, 2016
Application Period
Agosto 5, 2016 - Agosto 28, 2016
Selection Notification Date
Septiembre 15, 2016 at 6:00 PM
Course Type
Cursos presenciales
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Registration Fee
Educational Credit Type
Lincoln Institute certificate


Favela, vivienda, mercados informales de suelo, infraestructura, uso de suelo, ética del uso de suelo, planificación, pobreza, políticas públicas, tenencia, expansión urbana descontrolada, mejoramiento urbano y regularización