Chandni Navalkha

Associate Director, Sustainably Managed Land & Water Resources

Lincoln Institute of Land Policy

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Chandni Navalkha is associate director of Sustainably Managed Land and Water Resources and works on projects to advance and accelerate the enduring protection of land and water resources worldwide. Prior to joining the Lincoln Institute, Chandni was a fellow with the Sri Lanka Program for Forest Conservation, conducting research on the impacts of conservation on local livelihoods near the Sinharaja World Heritage Site. Chandni has worked for organizations in North America, Latin America, and South Asia supporting urban, peri-urban, and rural communities involved in voluntary land and resource conservation, and earlier in her career worked in change management for private and public sector organizations as a consultant with Accenture. She holds a Master’s in Environmental Science from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies and a dual B.A. in English and economics from Cornell University.