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  1. New Haven Selling Roads to Yale Shows Fiscal Strain

    Outubro 29, 2013
    O Instituto Lincoln no Noticiário
  2. Fischel on Fiscal Zoning and Economists' Views of the Property Tax

    Land Use Prof Blog
    Agosto 12, 2013
    O Instituto Lincoln no Noticiário
  3. Time to begin fixing Detroit’s fiscal problems

    Fevereiro 24, 2013
    O Instituto Lincoln no Noticiário
  4. Portland should not blame nonprofits for fiscal difficulties

    Portland Press Herald
    Outubro 16, 2012
    O Instituto Lincoln no Noticiário
  5. China's Policy to Limit Use of Public-Private Partnerships by Municipalities to Finance Capital Improvements

    A Regression Discontinuity Design Analysis of the Fiscal Impact
    Documentos de Trabalho
    Junho 2023
    Robert Bland, Jingran Sun, and Yu Shi

    China’s rapid urbanization in the past four decades combined with the national government’s ambitious goals for economic growth have pressured public officials in prefectural cities to...

  6. 2023–2024 Programa de becas para el máster UNED-Instituto Lincoln

    Oportunidades de Bolsas para Estudantes Graduados
    Agosto 2023
  7. Fiscal Policy Space Affords Cities Greater Control of Economic Destiny

    MuniNet Guide
    Setembro 14, 2009
    O Instituto Lincoln no Noticiário
  8. Premio Lincoln al periodismo sobre políticas urbanas, desarrollo sostenible y cambio climático

    Oportunidades de Bolsas
    Julho 2023
  9. 2023 Journalists Forum

    Novembro 17, 2023
    Partners: TD Charitable Foundation and Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University

    The Lincoln Institute of Land Policy invited journalists to attend the 2023 Journalists Forum focused on housing affordability on November 17–18, 2023 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

  10. Greening America’s Smaller Legacy Cities

    Informes sobre Políticas Fundiárias
    Julho 2023
    By Joseph Schilling, Catherine Tumber, and Gabi Velasco

    Preparing the country for a low-carbon future that is economically and racially just is an enormous undertaking. Greening America’s Smaller Legacy Cities investigates how local governments in...


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