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  1. Mexicali

    A Success Story of Property Tax Reform
    Revista Land Lines
    Setembro 1999
    Manuel Perló Cohen

    The case of Mexicali, the capital city of the border state of Baja California, Mexico, stands out as a good example of successful property tax reform in the 1990s. In only a few years the local...

  2. Property Tax in Africa

    Status, Challenges, and Prospects
    Junho 2017
    Edited by Riël Franzsen and William McCluskey

    “This one-of-a-kind study is an indispensable source for academics and policy makers who seek to explore the virtues of the property tax. The relevance of this volume clearly transcends the...

  3. Lincoln Scholars Program Alumni

    Agosto 2018

    This program provides an opportunity for recent PhDs specializing in public finance or urban economics to work with senior economists. 2023 Hector Blanco New York University Furman CenterLocal...

  4. 2016 Urban Economics and Public Finance Conference

    Maio 6, 2016
    Speakers: Andrew Haughwout, Ashlyn Nelson, Byron Lutz, Christian Redfearn, David Geltner, Eric Brunner, Jan K. Brueckner, John Clapp, Keren Horn, Ronan Lyons, Therese McGuire, Thies Lindenthal, Thomas Downes

    The economic growth and development of urban areas are closely linked to their revenue sufficiency and fiscal prospects. This research seminar offers a forum for new academic work on the interaction of these two fields.

  5. How Do Foreclosures Affect Property Values and Property Taxes?

    Revista Land Lines
    Janeiro 2014
    James Alm, Robert D. Buschman, and David L. Sjoquist

    Drawing on proprietary foreclosure data from RealtyTrac—which provides annual foreclosures by zip code for the period 2006 through 2011—this report is the first to examine the impacts of...

  6. ¿Cómo afectan las ejecuciones hipotecarias a los valores de la propiedad y los impuestos sobre la propiedad?

    Revista Land Lines
    Janeiro 2014
    James Alm, Robert D. Buschman, and David L. Sjoquist

    Con los datos de ejecuciones hipotecarias RealtyTrac–que proporciona información sobre las ejecuciones hipotecarias anuales por código postal para el período de 2006 a 2011...

  7. Tax Breaks, Transparency, and Accountability: A Conversation with Greg LeRoy

    Palestras Lincoln
    Janeiro 28, 2016
    Speaker: Greg LeRoy

    Join Greg LeRoy for a brief presentation on the Subsidy Tracker from Good Jobs First, followed by a conversation with Lincoln Institute President George W. "Mac" McCarthy.

  8. 2019 Lincoln Institute Scholars Program

    Oportunidades de Bolsas
    Julho 2019

    The Department of Valuation and Taxation hosts a program for junior scholars in which recent PhDs specializing in public finance or urban economics have an opportunity to work with senior economists.

  9. Value Capture

    This Year’s Big Idea: Unlocking the Value of Land
    Revista Land Lines
    Outubro 2018
    By Lincoln Institute Staff

    Land value capture was rich food for thought at the Daniel Burnham Forum on Big Ideas at the American Planning Association Policy Conference in Washington, DC.

  10. 2019 C. Lowell Harriss Dissertation Fellowship Program

    Graduate Student Fellowship
    Oportunidades de Bolsas para Estudantes Graduados
    Janeiro 2019

    The C. Lowell Harriss Dissertation Fellowship Program assists Ph.D. students, primarily at U.S. universities, whose research complements the Lincoln Institute's interests in land and tax policy.


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