School District Levy Cap





Limit Type

Revenue/Expenditure Limit

Limit Name

School District Levy Cap

Limit Description

The maximum revenue is limited to prior year’s revenues from the state’s general school aid programs and from the district’s property tax plus a flat rate of $200 per pupil and changes in enrollment. The district’s maximum levy is limited to maximum revenues less state aid

Override Process

A school board that wishes to exceed the limit shall adopt a resolution supporting the proposed excess revenue and call a special referendum to obtain voter approval.

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L. 2009 Act 28 §2315d. eliminated the adjustment based on the CPI and provided for a flat increase of $200 per pupil for 2010-2011 school year. In lieu of a special referendum for override of revenue limit, the school board may specify that the referendum be held at the next the next succeeding spring primary or election or September primary or general election.


Wis. Stat. § 121.91 (in effect for 2010)
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L. 2009 Act 28 §2315d.

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