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  1. Full Disclosure

    Unanticipated Improvements in Property Tax Uniformity
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    Junho 2005
    Gary C. Cornia and Lawrence C. Walters

    This paper contributes to two strands in the property tax literature. One thread considers the effects of full disclosure requirements or “truth in taxation” on the rate of property tax...

  2. Faculty Profile

    Jack R. Huddleston
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    Julho 2005

    Jack Huddleston is professor of urban and regional planning and is affiliated with the Gaylord Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He received his Ph.D...

  3. Property Tax Development in China

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    Julho 2005

    The Lincoln Institute’s China Program was established several years ago, in part to develop training programs on property taxation policy and local government finance with officials from the State...

  4. Connections Between Economic Development and Land Taxation

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    Outubro 2005
    Jeffrey Chapman and Rex L. Facer II

    Recent court decisions have made economic development and tax policy front-page news. The recent U.S. Supreme Court decision in Kelo v. City of New London raised a public outcry when it allowed local...

  5. Stabilizing Property Taxes in Volatile Real Estate Markets

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    Julho 2005
    Joan Youngman and Jane Malme

    Property taxes based on market value have many features that recommend them as a source of local government revenue. They promote visibility and accountability in public spending by providing...

  6. Taxing Publicly Owned Land in China

    A Paradox?
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    Janeiro 2005

    After spending more than a decade on restructuring central-provincial fiscal relations, the Chinese government is advancing its efforts to reform local public finance. In 2003 the central government...

  7. Vacant and Abandoned Property

    Remedies for Acquisition and Redevelopment
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    Outubro 2005
    Lavea Brachman

    In June the Lincoln Institute convened a roundtable of experts from around the country to examine how and why property ownership and title problems exacerbate abandonment. The group debated the...

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