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  1. The City-CLT Partnership: Municipal Support for Community Land Trusts

    Comunicados de Imprensa
    Junho 16, 2008
  2. Poseer y conservar

    En riesgo los títulos de propiedad en Perú
    Revista Land Lines
    Abril 2015
    Ryan Dubé

    El programa de títulos de propiedad instaurado en Perú en la década de 1990 otorgó a millones de personas que vivían en asentamientos informales el título de...

  3. Should Decreases in Property Value Caused by Regulations Be Compensated?

    Artigos de Conferências
    Maio 2009
    Abraham Bell

    Ideally, government could recoup the benefits of land use planning and redistribute them to those who bear the costs. In this case takings compensation is justified. Given the reciprocal nature of...

  4. The Use of Eminent Domain in São Paulo, Bogotá, and Mexico City

    Artigos de Conferências
    Maio 2009

    In this paper, Antonio Azuela examines the conditions under which eminent domain is used in São Paulo, Bogotá, and Mexico City. Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico all went through democratic transitions...

  5. Land and the City

    Janeiro 2016
    Edited by George W. McCarthy, Gregory K. Ingram, and Samuel A. Moody

    This book from the Lincoln Institute's 2014 Land Policy Conference examines issues of land use policies and their impact on sustainable urbanization. By 1960, one-third of the world’s...

  6. The story of Flint, Michigan, shows why you can’t cut your way to prosperity

    Abril 25, 2016
    O Instituto Lincoln no Noticiário
  7. 2019 C. Lowell Harriss Dissertation Fellowship Program

    Graduate Student Fellowship
    Oportunidades de Bolsas para Estudantes Graduados
    Janeiro 2019

    The C. Lowell Harriss Dissertation Fellowship Program assists Ph.D. students, primarily at U.S. universities, whose research complements the Lincoln Institute's interests in land and tax policy.

  8. Urban Land Policy in El Salvador

    Revista Land Lines
    Setembro 1997
    Mario Lungo Ucles

    Within the framework of economic restructuring, privatization and globalization, the issue of urban land and conflicts over its use is a top priority for El Salvador. Numerous factors contribute to...

  9. Council approves riverfront ordinance

    The Herald Dispatch
    Dezembro 15, 2015
    O Instituto Lincoln no Noticiário
  10. Lincoln Institute Joins UN-HABITAT’s World Urban Campaign

    Posts do Blog
    Janeiro 2015


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