Lincoln Institute Introduces New Logo, Tagline

quinta-feira, Fevereiro 4, 2016

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CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (February 4, 2016) – The Lincoln Institute of Land Policy has introduced a new logo, tagline and statement about its role and the impact it seeks as part of a broader effort to refresh the organization’s public presence and reach a wider audience.

The Lincoln Institute of Land Policy is an independent, nonpartisan organization whose mission is to help solve global economic, social, and environmental challenges to improve the quality of life through creative approaches to the use, taxation, and stewardship of land.

“From time to time, think tanks like the Lincoln Institute need to consider whether they are packaging content in a way that draws people to read and use it,” Lincoln Institute President George W. “Mac” McCarthy said in a message in the Institute’s quarterly Land Lines magazine. “We are not reinventing the Lincoln Institute, but aiming to introduce our work to broader audiences and to clarify the threads that connect seemingly disparate topics.”

Together, the logo, tagline and statement mark the continuation of a process that began a year ago with the re-imagination of Land Lines, the Lincoln Institute’s quarterly magazine, which features a new design and stories by journalists that connect land policy with the people who are impacted by it. In August, the Lincoln Institute launched a multiyear campaign to promote municipal fiscal health. And later this year, the organization will complete the redesign of its website,, which will help tell the story of how land policy can improve the quality of life for people around the world.

“An ongoing public outreach effort, clear and crisp, will facilitate the impact we want our work to have on policy and on communities,” McCarthy said.

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