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Quarta-feira, Março 17, 2010

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CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (March 17, 2010) -- The Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, active in Latin America since the early 1990s, has added a new section in Spanish to its Web site, detailing publications, online education, and other resources for Spanish language users.

The new Spanish content provides updated detail on all of the activities of the Program on Latin America and the Caribbean, in classroom and distance education, research, publications, and Resources and Tools, as well as general information about the Lincoln Institute.

The Lincoln Institute has extensive content in Spanish, including the book (and soon, a CD-ROM) Perspectivas urbanas: Temas críticos en políticas de suelo en América Latina (Urban Perspectives: Critical Land Policy Themes in Latin America), edited by Martim O. Smolka and Laura Mullahy, including 63 articles originally published in English in Land Lines between 1994 and 2005, and the CD-ROM Catastro e Información Territorial en América Latina, edited by Diego Erba. The full contents of both of these publications are also available for free download on the Web site, as are more than 100 working papers on Latin America in both English and Spanish.

Online education offerings in Spanish also include Geographic Information Systems, Multipurpose Cadastres, and Financing of Cities with Land, in both self-paced and monitored formats, listed at https://www.lincolninst.edu/education/online-education/leo-lac.asp.

The new section includes a page for frequently asked questions (FAQs) addressing some of the most frequent inquiries that the Institute receives from users in Latin America.

With this new section, Spanish-speaking users, including more

than 8,000 currently registered with the Lincoln Institute, can now navigate in Spanish to learn more about the Institute’s activities. Over 3,500 Portuguese-speaking Brazilians in the Institute database may also find that the Spanish interface facilitates their use of the site.

The Lincoln Institute Web site was recently named as one of the Planetizen Top Ten Web sites of 2010, awarded for sites for planning, top online resources for design, and development.

The Lincoln Institute of Land Policy is a leading resource for key issues concerning the use, regulation, and taxation of land. Providing high-quality education and research, the Institute strives to improve public dialogue and decisions about land policy.

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