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Quarta-feira, Maio 16, 2012

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CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (May 16, 2012) – Selected papers presented at the Lincoln Institute’s annual Land Policy conferences are now available under a new category – Conference Papers – in the Publications & Multimedia section of the Lincoln Institute website.

The papers, beginning with those addressing the intersection of climate change and land use, can now be located easily in search engine searches. Future papers to be posted from the Land Policy conferences are on topics ranging from tax increment financing to property rights to zoning, and papers from other Lincoln Institute conferences will also be added to the site.

The Land Policy conference series began in 2006, leading to compilations in six conference volumes to date: Value Capture and Land Policies, Climate Change and Land Policies, Municipal Revenues and Land Policies, Property Rights and Land Policies, Fiscal Decentralization and Land Policies, and the first in the series, Land Policies and Their Outcomes.

Each book includes an introduction by coeditors Gregory K. Ingram, the president of the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, and Yu-Hung Hong, a fellow at the Lincoln Institute.

Posting the individual papers presented at the conferences is part of a longstanding effort by the Lincoln Institute to make research and analysis freely available. The Publications & Multimedia of the Lincoln Institute website now includes the categories Books, Policy Focus Reports, Working Papers, Conference Papers, Land Lines, and Multimedia Resources.

The Resources & Tools section of the website provides a library of case studies and model representations on topics ranging from the property tax to regional planning. The section also features four major free databases: Significant Features of the Property Tax , Land and Property Values in the U.S., the Atlas of Urban Expansion and University Real Estate Development.

The Lincoln Institute of Land Policy is a leading resource for key issues concerning the use, regulation, and taxation of land. Providing high-quality education and research, the Institute strives to improve public dialogue and decisions about land policy.

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