At Lincoln House Blog - 04/2018

A cit skyline with large buildings in the background and smaller buildings and trees in the foreground. It's daytime.
The Lincoln Institute of Land Policy will lead the conversation on land value capture, equitable investment, water sustainability, and planning for an uncertain future among many other topics at the American Planning Association’s National Planning Conference in New Orleans April 21-24, 2018.Read more »
A skyline with the following words: 50 State Property Tax Comparison Study for Taxes Paid in 2017
In Los Angeles, a new owner of a median-valued home pays about $7,000 per year in property taxes – nearly double the $4,000 paid by someone who has owned an identical home for 14 years, the average length of homeownership in the city, according to the annual 50-State Property Tax Comparison Study...Read more »
A landscape including a lake, forest, mountains, and blue sky
In the global project to reduce climate change, cleaner power plants, cars, and buildings receive much attention, and rightly so. But another, often-overlooked strategy holds great promise for reducing greenhouse gas pollution — land conservation.Read more »

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