At Lincoln House Blog - 06/2017

Photo of Nairobi, Kenya
Africa’s rapid growth and urbanization will require stable local governments to deliver goods and services to billions of people, and the continent can look to an underutilized source of revenue, the property tax, write the authors of a book published by the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy.Read more »
This is the second year of our campaign to promote municipal fiscal health as a foundation for better quality of life in cities, and since February we’ve held a series of workshops probing the far reaches of public finance.Read more »
In the face of earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, and the extreme weather impacts of climate change, communities need to plan ahead for their disaster recovery to ensure that they rebound and emerge stronger than before, according to a groundbreaking new book of in-depth case studies from six...Read more »
The Ohio Statehouse in Columbus
A new Working Paper by researcher Alan Mallach for the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy explores how state governments can support lasting and inclusive urban revitalization.Read more »
State legislators from Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire gathered at the annual Economic Perspectives on State and Local Taxes seminar last month, organized in partnership with the New England Public Policy Center of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.Read more »
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