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  1. Navigating State and Local Finance

    Revista Land Lines
    Octubre 2007
    Kim Rueben, Therese McGuire, and Susan Kellam

    Ensuring sufficient revenues going forward, as well as having the flexibility to revamp fiscal structures, will be important for state and local governments, especially due to growing future spending...

  2. Faculty Profile

    Daphne A. Kenyon
    Revista Land Lines
    Julio 2007

    Daphne Kenyon, a visiting fellow at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, heads D. A. Kenyon & Associates, a public policy consulting firm in Windham, New Hampshire. She also serves on the New...

  3. Surprise!

    An Unintended Consequence of Assessment Limitations
    Revista Land Lines
    Julio 2007

    Early experiences with assessment limitation measures reveal an unanticipated result: some property owners seemingly targeted to benefit from lower assessments may be harmed instead.

  4. Property Taxation in Anglophone Africa

    Revista Land Lines
    Abril 2007

    A well-functioning property tax system could offer many benefits to the nations of sub-Saharan Africa. A dependable and locally administered source of revenue would greatly benefit local democracy...

  5. Community Land Trusts

    A Solution for Permanently Affordable Housing
    Revista Land Lines
    Enero 2007
    Rosalind Greenstein and Yesim Sungu-Eryilmaz

    The community land trust (CLT) is one mechanism that addresses the need for affordable housing, and it also can be considered an institutional mechanism for capturing socially produced land value.

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